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I started seeing Jenny for tuina over a year ago. The cupping I received had an immediate effect. My muscles felt lighter and instantly recovered. I was able to take my training to another level. Tuina allows me to train harder and get more gains from every workout.

Carlos Terrazas, adaptive athlete

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Jenny Providence has supported me in health and self-care. She has encouraged me to look toward stability through her skillful administration of acupuncture. The many techniques she utilizes have brought balance to my ability to thrive.

Amy Zenizo LM MA

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Photo by Jade Beall
No one was more surprised than I was to learn that the back and arm pain and odd feeling I had been experiencing was a heart attack. At age 43, I found myself being prepped for open heart surgery and wondering what the rest of my life would look like. Acupuncture had a profound effect on post-surgical pain and speed of recovery. It lifted my spirits so that I was able to find direction in life again following that unexpected, traumatic event. With the help of acupuncture I was back to working with horses and doing the things I love just six weeks after surgery.

Gabe with Cooper the Mustang

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After the birth of my twin boys, I had continued postpartum bleeding that showed no sign of stopping.  At the standard six weeks checkup, my doctor assured me that it would slow down.  I just needed more rest.  To no avail.  I continued to bleed quite heavily.  By week 11, I was downright tired of the postpartum bleeding and concerned for my health. I went to my OB for a series of ultrasounds to determine the cause.   The obstetrician talked to me about having a D&C to clear my womb, and potentially help end the bleeding.  The procedure would require anesthesia and I wouldn't be able to nurse my boys for at least 24 hours.  I felt overwhelmed and saddened by my options.  Jenny asked to do some Eastern medicine techniques on me, and at that point, while somewhat skeptical, I felt I had nothing to lose.  After a couple visits with Jenny, the bleeding stopped.  I was able to avoid an evasive procedure and finally heal. What a relief! As a twin mom with newborns, I needed my health and my energy, and Jenny was able to help me achieve this.

Ashley and twins

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Photo by Jade Beall

My treatment with Jenny was outstanding!  From the start, Jenny took her time to ask many questions about my condition as well as what transpired prior to and after I noticed this pain and swelling in my knee.  She listened intently and took her time with my leg/knee and manipulated it to determine what treatment would be best at that moment.  Jenny determined that the source of the swelling and pain were not due to the knee alone, but also from the hamstring.  She established that “cupping” along with tinctures massaged into my knee and leg would be beneficial.   After the treatments, I could feel a difference in mobility in my leg and hip and a lessening of pain and swelling in my knee.  I feel that Jenny’s treatments were the turning point for me to get back on track and for the healing to continue and my leg/knee to improve.  She really made changes for the better in my knee joint and lateral left hip/leg.  I look forward to working more with Jenny!”   

Lynda Witt CCT

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I had been experiencing chronic pain for about 4 years and did not find any relief until I had several treatments with Jenny. I had tried traditional Western medicine to no avail. I have had acupuncture,  tuina, and various other methods that have decreased the pain significantly! I am VERY happy and grateful for Jenny.

Anne Bissel, CrossFitter

My life and sports journey began when I was just 5 ½ months old.  During the night a virus called Transverse Myelitis, attacked my spinal cord and left me a T8-T10 paraplegic. I began swimming as part of aqua therapy, joined my local swim club and never looked back.

While training at the elite level for the last 8 years; I have learned the importance of being proactive with recovery. Since I've been in Tucson, being able to work with Jenny has been so important. I've been able able to receive treatment to prevent prolonged fatigue and keep me loose for the next week of training. I've received tuina with cupping and gua sha. The treatments leave my arms feeling refreshed.

Mary Kate Callahan, World Class Paratriathlete